Eric Rudolph Update

Special Agent Todd Letcher, Head of Southeast Bomb Task Force being interviewed at Bomb site by Donna Gregory NBC NEWS anchor.

"Ironic isn't it that we were searching 500,000 acres and using aircraft and helicopters and C-130s and tracking dogs and over 200 searching agents at one time...and [for] some time, the fugitive was right across the street,” said ATF Special Agent Earl Woodham.

Lewis Bailey NBC news Donna Gregory, anchor NBC news, Lew Bailey examine hole where Dynamite was buried by Eric Rudolph


Some of the screws Rudolph used in his bombs -- Several pounds were found with the 25 pounds of Dynamite across from FBI Headquarters in Murphy, NC -- Theses screws are made of High carbon steel -- Used to put steel buildings together -- The screws were hurled from Rudolph's explosions as dangerous, deadly shrapnel.

Sat trucks cover the parking lot at FBI headquarters in Murphy, NC.

Parking lot is turned into a LIVE TV studio linking Murphy, NC to the world in a matter of minutes.

The FBI says this is where Eric Rudolph sat and watched the FBI compound-It is the brick building right across highway -- The following is what Mr. Rudolph had to say about his stalking the agents. Scary when the hunter becomes the hunted!

"The initial plan was to steal a truck, transport the device to Asheville, and attack an abortion mill before the presidential election. This plan fell through when the truck used was not capable of driving two miles let alone 200. The election slipped away and I fell back upon my original target — the agents at the armory.

A circuitous getaway was then laid out. Two secondary booby traps were placed on the trail to discourage and delay any possible pursuers. The agents were pigeon-holed, their schedules noted to the minute. Finally the device was moved into place and as the agents approached the door that morning, the final decision had to be made. The agents didn't die that day. Perhaps after watching them for so many months their individual humanity shown through the hated uniform. It was not that I had lost my resolve to fight in the defense of the unborn, but rather an individual decision about these individual agents. I had worn the uniform of their legions, served in their ranks, I had no hatred for them as individuals. Even though they served a morally bankrupt government, underneath their FBI rags, they were essentially fellow countrymen.

The device was removed the next day and buried upon the ridge across the interstate where it has recently been unearthed by these same agents. The booby traps were highly sensitive, and a render safe line was built into the system when they were put into place. Not wanting to approach them again, I detonated them and removed the remaining debris."